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Lawn Care Tips during Fall

Follow these important Tips to Get a Healthy Grass for the end of the year:

• Weed Control: Applying a fall herbicide eliminates the weeds and also prevents them from returning in the spring.

• Rake Debris: Rake and remove the leaves in the yard to avoid damage to the grass. You’ll want to get rid of any dead plants, leaves and branches before the winter. This will make your yard look cleaner.

• Seed and Fertilize: Fall’s morning dew delivers moisture to help turf absorb the fertilizer. Not only should you fertilize your lawn, but you should also fertilize your trees and shrubs during the fall. Seed dead or bare spots and overseed the full lawn to get dense, plush grass, rich in color.

*Continue Watering: Remember that grass roots must be well hydrated and healthy before Winter and cool weather will not take care of this. Do not use too much water because it can damage your lawn more than help it.

*Keep Mowing: If you raised the height of your lawn mower in summer to reduce heat stress to your grass, return the mower deck to its normal height. Mid-length grass is the preference.


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