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What about Lawn Mowing Service during Fall?

During the Fall you must Continue to water and mow your lawn, as needed. If you raised the height of your lawn mower in summer to reduce heat stress to your grass, return the mower deck to its normal height. Mid-length grass is the preference.

In winter, tall grass can get matted and become diseased. But when cut too short, lawn roots can be exposed to damagingly cold temperatures. Also, Tightly clipped turf has fewer roots and allows weeds to get a foothold. So, this is very important to keep in mind for Lawn Care Services during this season.

In addition to proper lawn mowing, be sure to take leaves and leaf removal into account in the fall and Winter. You should not let heavy leaf coverage sit on your lawn for extended periods of time. This limits the amount of light that your grass receives and also provides the ideal environment for fungus and mold to grow.

Lawn Service near me?

We are in San Antonio, TX and it would be a pleasure to serve you. Call us at 2107873877 to request your estimate or fill in this Form:

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Ashlee Dyer
Ashlee Dyer
Sep 24, 2021

Goood reading this post

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